what you would like to be called? cindy, cind
your favorite fruit: strawberry
the last novel you read: currently reading “River God” by Wilbur Smith
if you could be any appliance, what would you be? a computer!
if you could be any condiment, what would you be? mayonaisse(sp?)
do you like the smell of mothballs? yuck
do you eat french fries with vinegar? i try it sometimes. it always tastes like i’m eating easter egg dye
the cd in your cd player: britney’s new cd
the three people dead with whom you’d most like to share a meal: grandmother, grandfather, my cousin
the three people alive with whom you’d most like to share a meal: oded fehr, ewan mcgregor, drew barrymore
snickers or reeses peanut butter cups: snickers
james dean or brad pitt: james dean
the best way to die: in your sleep
the best three-band lineup: enigma, aqua, lords of acid
favorite movie quote: n/a
favorite television quote: n/a
favorite lyrical quote: “once upon a time I was falling in love, now I’m only falling apart”
favorite poem quote: n/a
if you could be anyone for a day, who would you be: britney spears
dead performer/broken up band you would love to see perform: janis joplin
the worst day of the week and why: sunday. it always just sucks.
best stanley kubrick movie? there’s a best one?
worst stanley kubrick movie: a clockwork orange
are you cold? always
how old are you? 22
how old do you wish you were? 10
do you like cheese? i loooooove cheese
are hamburgers truly gifts from the gods? yes
is math really that bad? when it’s an online college calc course…yes
are you vegan? never
is bin Laden really such a bad guy? of course
do you own any pokemon accessories? some cards and some of those little miniature figures
have you ever watched a full episode of sailor moon? no
is your favorite television show a cartoon? no
would you rather smoke crack or do “e”? i’d rather drink
is leopard or zebra print nicer? zebra!
would you rather be a librarian or a garbageman? librarian. i’ve even considered it.
why are feminists so angry? because men are stupid pigs
what is the meaning of life? to make websites
would you rather be catholic or jewish? neither.
is swiss cheese better than brie? never had brie
do you sew? i used to.
would you rather be goth or emo? goth
isn’t indiana jones great? harrison ford is sexy
would you rather have no teeth or no ears? teeth i guess
is Jesus really such a bad guy? no
would you rather be christopher reeve or elian gonzalez? n/a
would you rather be archie or jughead? n/a
would you rather be betty or veronica? n/a
would you rather be a moose or george washington? george washinton
would you rather be God or Jesus? God
would you rather have leprosy or the black plague? neither thanks…
are you a radical angry feminist who listens to huggy bear and the
indigo girls? no
would you get a genital piercing? ow
should we give peace a chance? duh
what is the best war movie? war of the roses