I got Crystal’s package in

I got Crystal’s package in the mail today. Thank you so much :)

I also got two ducks I won off e-bay. One is that pretty crystal duckie. I’ve got a lot to add to my duck collection site. But it needs a new layout.

You know what’s cool? Both Robin and Crystal sent me little turtles (although different turtles of course. a turtle with sand and a turtle keychain). It just made me realize I’m starting to have a turtle collection. I had bought a stuffed turtle a year or two ago and I just bought turtle socks on Sunday. I also have a few turtle knick-knacks. I still want to own a turtle someday.

You know how when you keep saying a word it starts to lose it’s meaning? That’s what’s happening to me right now from typing turtle.

I’m going to register for classes tomorrow. They’re only offering french and spanish as languages this semester, which sucks. And the World Mythology course is at the wrong time. So I’m planning on trying to get into Bio I and Intro to Anthropology (both only have one seat left…eek) and Physical Geology (video course with on-campus labs and also a field trip). I was thinking of taking Chem I too, but I figured that chem and bio together plus working 32 hours a week would kill me.