from moonborn: a word that

from moonborn:

a word that has hurt you: needy
a word that makes you giggle: ferrety
a word you would like to have whispered to you: beautiful
a word you enjoy shouting: meep
a word that you still dont know the meaning of: love
a word that your grandmother used: –
a word you use far too much: yeah
a word you dont allow yourself to say: karim
a word that describes your first kiss, or what you would like your first kiss to be like: disappointing
a word from a high school vocabulary lesson you still use frequently: irreprehensible
a word you have made fun of someone for saying: yo
a word that has intimidated you intellectually: –
a word you take as a sign of ignorance when used: babes (refering to women, of course)
a word that describes you: artistic
a word that you’re in love with: bookitty
a word that you want people to remember you by: giving

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