First off, I’ve played several

First off, I’ve played several hours worth of the Harry Potter game so far. The graphics were made using the Unreal engine, and I’m not too fond of them., although they’re decent. I think they could have been better though, but I think I was spoiled by ZooTycoon. As for the gameplay, you go to different lessons to learn “spells” which you learn by moving your mouse to copy a symbol on the screen. Not as easy as you’d think. Then you go to challenges to practice the spells. You also have to “fight” characters, such as Peeves and Malfoy. I do like it. It’s addicting.

It is a fun game, especially if you’re Harry Potter obsessed.

Today I went to a store that just came in, Marshalls. I got a new and different pair of duckie pajamas! I also bought a comfy soft red sweater, a pair of black socks with pink snowflakes, and Dinosaur Hunter Deluxe (computer program). I guess it was my birthday present to myself.

I think we’re going to a place called The Alpine Inn for my birthday dinner tomorrow.