HP Movie

First off, I didn’t want to go on opening night or during a prime time showing because I hate people.

So I went at 5:10 Saturday evening. I went to the theatre with stadium seating so I wouldn’t have to worry about people’s heads in front of me. It wasn’t a sold-out, packed show. But there was of course a line at the entrance to the show that started about 40 minutes before. The price of food was ridiculous. $14 for two hot dogs and two medium drinks. If I see it again at the theatre, I’m not getting a soda. 2.5 hours is a long time to hold it. :p

After the many trailers, it finally started. Seeing the Dursley’s in real life is worse than reading about them! How horrible. Were Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes blue or green? They looked blue to me. It would have been better if they had dyed his hair black and had him wear extremely green contacts. And if he had wilder hair. I thought Emma Watson really looked like Hermione. Alan Rickman was the perfect Snape. Dumbledore and McGonagall looked as they should also. Hagrid was large and impressive. Draco looked as Draco should.

I myself didn’t think Daniel Radcliffe was an impressive actor. He was good, but not brilliant. However, I felt that Emma Watson was brilliant. She did the part perfectly and got the facial expressions and voice inflections right on. She actually was Hermione.

Quidditch was fantastic. The Quaffle and Bludgers didn’t really look as I expected. The Great Hall was smaller and different looking than I expected also. I had also thought the Gryffindor common room would be larger, but it looked very nice and comfortable.

Anyway, I did really like the movie.

So what was your experience like and what did you think of the movie?