And so comes to the

And so comes to the end my 22nd birthday. It wasn’t my best, but it probably won’t be my worst.

I woke up at 11:00.

At 2:30 I went to Dick Blick, the art store. I bought $78 worth of calligraphy and scratchboard supplies. My parents had given me $75, two bottles of body wash, a new bath pouf, and the new Anne Rice book.

My parents and Cliff and I went out to eat at the Alpine Inn at 4. For awhile we were the only ones there. We got a sampler platter and I ate 4 buffalo wings off it. I got a filget mignon and a salad and fries for dinner. It was good. I also had a glass of Merlot. I seem to only order wine when I go out to eat lately. Haven’t had a beer or hard liquor for months. But if the place has wine, I almost always get a glass. If I were ever to become an alcoholic, wine would be my choice.

After that, Cliff and I went to the mall. There’s a Spyro game out for Game Boy Advance! Fortunately I own a game boy advance. And now I own Spyro and the strategy guide for it. Plus a lime green light for it. Those of you who read my journal may know of my obsession with Spyro. When I went to pay for those, my check card was denied. Yes, happy birthday from the bank. So I had to charge it.

Then we saw Monsters, Inc. It was really cute. But the blue guy reminded me of Karim, my ex. Sigh.

And at 9:30 I was home playing Harry Potter and feeling depressed. I’m a little better after eating Tositodas and cheese and reading Rainbow Valley.

It was my first birthday ever without a birthday cake. Why didn’t I get one?

I am now going to read in bed before going to sleep.

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes and happy birthday duckie sister.