mad lib

I always found this particular mad lib very funny that my grandmother, aunt, and I did on one of our road trips.

“Pilot to Passengers”

Ladies and gentleman, welcome aboard Boring Airlines’ Flight 750. This is your captain and pilot, Spud. The plane you are traveling on is a DC-10 Strato-Ticket with four sharp engines. At present, we are directly over Boston. Our speed is 1002 miles per hour and we are flying at an altitude of 14 feet. If you care for a cup of acid or a snorting sandwich, please push the TV located over your seat and our stewardess will be glad to choke you. We have a stupid tail wind and will soon be flying through a heavy pigeon storm. So I’ll have to ask you all to fasten your black belts and put your lips in the ash tray. In the meantime, I hope you have a furry trip.

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