i got my cartiledge pierced

i got my cartiledge pierced twice today! one on the left and one on the right. that brings the total up to 3 on each side. two cartiledge and one lobe on the left and one cartiledge and two lobe on the right. i went to the piercing pagoda stand in the mall. it was sort of a sudden decision. i was going to the mall to get some halloween cards for friends with cliff and decided to get it done today. i’ve been thinking about it for a couple weeks. i had thought about getting just one done, but i didn’t want my ears to be symmetrical. and i could have just gotten two in the left but then my right side would have felt left out. although when i try to go to sleep tonight i may end up wondering why the heck i got both sides pierced at once (i sleep on my side). the piercing went well. no post backs getting caught in the gun like last time. the earrings came with balls to put on the back but she had to put regular backs on when piercing. i can change them tomorrow. i’m supposed to not take them out for 3 months. yeah right. i only kept my last cartiledge piercing stud in 6 weeks before taking it out (but i did put it back in for a couple more weeks). when they’re healed i want to put the diamond post that’s currently in my previous hole and put that in the right hole. then i want to put two captive bead rings in the left side. krissy do you know any places online that sell them? i didn’t see any i really liked in stores. it doesn’t hurt right now but it really did when she did them and for a little while afterwards. i had a glass of white zinfendel at red robin during dinner and that helped deaden any pain then.