HAIR: How many hair products

How many hair products do you use?: shampoo/conditioner, sometimes this ocean spray stuff
Blow-dryer?: never anymore i usually wear my hair back anyway.
Curing iron?: not anymore really
Straigtening iron?: i had a crimper/waver that had a straight feature, not that i need it
Shampoo: Infusim 23 right now
Conditioner: same
At the moment, is your hair its natural color?: um sort of. it’s blonde naturally but last year i dyed it red and then blonde again. it’s still a little reddish-blonde in certain light
Generally, is your hair nice to you?: not really, but i’ve accepted it being messy

How many makeup products do you use?: concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, powder, lipgloss (all to go work for 8 hours)
Eyes: different color eyeshadow every day, sometimes eyeliner, black or blue mascara
Face: concealer, powder
Lips: purplish lip gloss or red lip gloss
Are your nails painted right now?: toes are reddish-orange for fall. i never paint my fingernails

How many skin products do you use?: two or three
Face wash?: i forget.
Face moisturizer?: ponds
Lotions?: caress

Do you have more girl friends than guy friends?: yeah, for the first time
Count your friends: 1 offline

Girl power theme song: “survivor” destiny’s child
Favorite girl group: n/a
Best female performer in history?: madonna (definately a performer)
Most annoying girl singer: christina agruillara

Is it?: not yet
Do you keep track?: by my pills
Do you usually get cramps?: sometimes
What food gets you through pms?: fast food
Do you get bitchy during pms?: i think i’m bitchy all the time
Is your cycle the same as any of your friends’?: no
Your mom’s?: no

Yeah, shopping rocks right?: yes
Have you shopped in the past week?: yesterday
Are you an impulse buyer?: always
Can you decide on what to buy?: i want to buy everything
Who is your favorite shopping buddy?: krissy for ducks
Gay/straight/bi?: whatever
Do you have a crush?: yeah
How many boyfriends have you had?: 72? i lost count.

What kind do you like?: bikini
Do you like buying it?: sometimes
Which pair is your favorite?: lime green lacy victoria secret ones
Which bra is your favorite?: one that is comfortable
Do you wear underwear to bed: no
Do you purposely expose your undies when you bend over: no