survey stolen from everyone else

survey stolen from everyone else
I hurt: when i’m sad and lonely
I love: my cat and ferret
I hate: people who hurt animals
I cry: sometimes at commercials
I fear: being alone
I hope: to have lots of money
I sadden: when i think of those who are gone
I feel alone: and i hate it
I kill: my bank account
I talk: not that often
I listen: too much
I break: laws (speeding ticket)
I see: my computer and desk and cat and ferret
I smell: ferret
I taste: barbeque chips
I work: at a book store
I remember: too often
I hold: books
I hide: behind the computer
I pray: very rarely
I walk: ok when my knee isn’t hurting
I drive: my teal ’97 cavalier
I read: harry potter!
I burn: candles
I breathe: dust
I play: the bass guitar (years ago)
I miss: having friends
I touch: my cat
I learn: everything
I feel: hungry
I know: not enough
I said: who’s a boo?
I dream: every night
I have: more than i can afford
I want: more than i can afford
I fall: if i trip
I wait: for my life to start
I need: love
I live: because it’s better than the alternative
I die: after i’m 90