i’m so tired. we were

i’m so tired.
we were moving some more stuff out of the apartment today. we have to have everything out and clean at the end of the month. i hate moving.
it seems like i never do anything in my spare time anymore. all i really do is look at websites. they’re mostly my friends websites. but i look at my friends websites more than i talk to them. somtimes i feel as if i can’t really call them “friends” since i don’t talk to them much. i either don’t bother signing on to icq or aim or they’re not on if i do.
i was supposed to have off monday and tuesday this week but the manager got sick monday so i went in for 3.5 hours that day. so she told me i could have off another day and i picked today. tonight i have my xml class. i spend most of my time in that class looking at web pages too.
i need to work on my packages to send out. i have a headache though. i guess they’re going to have in them: a cindy mix cd of my favorite songs, a little something from a store, and a letter.