(from heather) When was the

(from heather)

When was the last time you:

Smiled: a minute ago. talking to krissy on icq
Cried: last saturday
Bought something: i bought Wendy’s last night
Danced: june
Were sarcastic: i’m constantly sarcastic
Kissed someone: yesterday
Talked to an ex: yesterday
Watched your favorite movie: about a year
Had a nightmare: a month or two
Last book you read: harry potter book 4!
Last movie you saw: jay and silent bob strike back
Last song you heard: betty davis eyes
Last thing you had to drink: coke from a can
Last time you showered:this morning
Last thing you ate: papa john’s pizza

Do you…

Smoke: heck no
Do drugs: only prescribed ones
Sleep with stuffed animals: a duck, a seahorse, and a tiger cub
Live in the moment: no
Have a dream that keeps coming back: yes
Play an instrument: used to
Believe there is life on other planets: i prefer not to think about it
Remember your first love? yes
Still love him? no
Read the newspaper? the comics and parade on sundays
Have any gay or lesbian friends? yes
Believe in miracles: yes
Believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever? umm…
Consider yourself tolerant of others: sometimes
Consider love a mistake: no
Like the taste of alcohol: beer and wine
Have a favorite candy? hershey’s almond bar
Believe in astrology? sometimes
Believe in God: yes
Believe in magic: not really but i’d like to think it’s real
Pray: rarely
Go to church: no
Wear hats: not usually
Have any piercings? two in the left (one cartiledge), two in the right
Have any tattoos: one, a bat on my ankle
Hate yourself: sometimes
Have an obsession: many
Have a secret crush: on my cat
Collect anything: ducks, harry potter stuff
Have a best friend: no :(
Wish on stars: no
Like your handwriting: yes
Have any bad habits: computer
Care about looks: yes
Believe in witches: i believe some people practice wiccan
Believe in Satan: not really
Believe in ghosts: yes