wallet: black with a blue kitty face on it
hairbrush: a pink plastic comb and a pink brush
toothbrush: pink
jewelry worn daily: just my watch right now
pillowcases: right now some white flowered thing
coffee cup: i have a harry potter one sitting on my computer desk, but i don’t drink coffee
sunglasses: black with purple lenses
shoes: purple birkenstock sandals and white with red stripe adidas superstars
nail polish: on my toes is pink
keychains: a computer chip, one from the place i got my car, and a duck one from colorado
computer: dell, pentium 4, fast, black, flat screen 19″ moniter
favorite top: an orange and black button down that was my mom’s from the 70s
favorite pants: a pair of old brown jeans
shampoo and/or conditioner: infusium 23
perfume: i don’t really wear it ever
cd in the stereo right now: in my car it’s Now 7
car: 1997 teal chevy cavalier
television: it’s black. 20 something inches
stereo: it’s a silver aiwa
telephone: white cordless thing that my ferret chews the buttons on
cell phone: black ericsson
watch: cool harry potter watch with brown straps
computer chair: black leather with a rip in the seat
keyboard: the black dell one that came with the computer
printer: not here right now
scanner: visioneer 6100
lamp: a ceiling fan light
desk: fairly new, corner desk, black and dark wood