i want the harry potter

i want the harry potter card game!!! i didn’t even know it was out!!!
i’m rereading book II right now. i read the “exploring harry potter” book. it was annoying for the most part.
i’m trying to find a class to replace the one that got cancelled. it was the coldfusion online class, the one i wanted to take the most.
i really should get offline and get to bed, but i’m so excited to have my computer and internet connection back. i started a new layout yesterday for wavesoflife but don’t know when i’ll get around to uploading it.
i don’t have to work until 2:00 tomorrow, but i’d like to get up before 12. i need to go to bed in order to do that. work is going okay. i just don’t like being on my feet and doing physical activity 8 hours a day. i’m not used to it and i hurt. so far i’ve bought $70 worth of books that would have cost $234 at retail price. cool, huh?