Age I am – 21

Age I am – 21

People I have slept with – 13

Age when I lost my virginity – 14 (2 weeks before my 15th birthday)

Times I have been in love – i’ve thought i was in love many times

Times I have had my heart broken – 1

Hearts I have broken – 2

Months I have been single – 0

Continents I have visited – 1

Age when I first flew all alone – 19

Numbers of boys I have kissed in my life – 50+

Number of girls I have kissed. – 0

Types of drugs taken illegally – 0

Drugs I am addicted to right now – 0

Number of piercing – 3 (two in left ear, 1 in right)

Number of tattoos – 1 (bat on ankle)

Number of times my name has appeared on film credits – 0

Number of times a boy/girlfriend has made me scared of what he could do to me physically – 0

Number of things in my past that I regret – a lot.

(i’m still at my parent’s house, on their computer. not sure when i’ll be on my own computer again)