what’s your type? Your type

what’s your type?

Your type is the Preppy

If he’s conservative, friendly, and clean-cut, he’s just your type! You fallhard and fast for the Preppy guy. Whether it’s because of his handsome appearance orhis impeccable hygiene, this guy’s a safe bet! He’s fun and social withoutbeing immature or wild. Your guy’s refined, runs with a cool crowd, and hasa little cockiness thrown in for good measure. This Yuppie male is alwaysput together well. He’s just cool, calm, and collected. Another quality thatdraws you to him is his ambition. He aims for success and follows whateverpath will lead him there. You respect how he always makes time for hisfriends and has a tendency to be a little goofy. With this cheeky,well-groomed guy, you can rest assured that you’ll live the Americandream!

You are an Intellect

If you were one of Charlie’s Angels, you’d definitely be Sabrina, the brains behind the operation. Besides the fact that you’re well-read and have an insatiable desire to learn, you can hold your own in any intellectual sparring match. With a wall full of diplomas, or at least a few in the works, your hobbies and interests reflect your intelligence. Whether you’re reading the New York Times or catching up on the latest independent film, it’s clear that your wheels are always spinning. You probably aced your SATs, tend to scoff at “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” (even though you know all the answers), and kick butt at Trivial Pursuit. Guys love the challenge of trying to seduce you. Your brainpower drives them crazy, and you’re smart enough to know that it puts you in the driver’s seat.