handwriting analysis Left Margin Do

handwriting analysis

Left Margin
Do you bite off more than you can chew? A narrowing left margin indicates an initial excitement that quickly turns into uncertainty. Looks like when the going gets tough, you retreat into your comfort zone.

Right Margin
Tend to tackle too much? Your widening right margin tells us that you do. You probably jump headlong into projects without realizing what you’re getting into. What started out as fun might turn into a burden.

I feel witty, oh so witty. Don’t you know how witty I feel? A dash or a comma in place of a dot indicates an ironic sense of humor.

But that’s not in the rulebook! Writers who hug the baseline tend to play life by the rules. You probably value security and stability over adventure and excitement. Pragmatic and particular, your life is always kept in control and running smoothly.

If life is a balancing act, you’re doing pretty well. A moderately straight baseline indicates a well-balanced person who is both dependable and flexible. You’ve got good common sense and can solve problems creatively. Keep on this track, and you’ll be able to handle whatever life sends your way.

Slant Lines
I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! Upward slanting baselines indicate eagerness and optimism. You’re an ambitious person and a positive thinker.

Quick! What’s 2 plus 2? T bars that connect to other letters point to a sharp intellect and a resourceful person.

Slant Letters
Calm, cool, collected. You don’t let your feelings get the better of you. Most likely, you’re a person who exercises strict control over verything you do. You think before speaking, ponder before acting, nd consider all possibilities before making a decision. You know how o cut loose at the right moments, but you rarely do anything pontaneously.