1. What is your name?

1. What is your name? Cindy
2. If you could change it- what would you change your name to? Stella
3. Are you more Tootsie or Roll? neither
4. How would you rate your sexual drive on a scale of 1 to 10? 5
5. Are you comfortable with your sexuality? yes
6. Are you comfortable with your body? i need to exercise
7. What was the last CD you bought? too long to remember
8. What was the last book you read all the way through? Soft Focus by Jayne Anne Krentz
9. When was the last time you saw someone naked? my cat is naked right now
10. Do you enjoy seeing people naked? i prefer seeing animals naked. they’re usually better looking
11. Are you naked right now? no
12. Are you looking at a naked person right now? just my cat.
13. Is someone naked looking at you??? um no
14. Elvis- dead or alive? dead
15. Aliens- out there or not? i hope not
16. Mulder or Scully? mulder
17. What musical instrument best describes you? flute
18. Your personal theme song? “bitch” merideth brooks
19. Do you believe in love at first sight? not really
20. Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet–love or lust? both
21. If you were an author, what kind of books would you write? fiction
22. If you were a musician, what kind of music would you make? rock. i played bass guitar and that’s what i played.
23. If you were a postal employee, would you be disgrunteled? maybe
24. Whats the first food item you grab when the munchies strike? fish pretzels
25. Do you consider yourself “romantic”? most of the time
26. Have you ever fallen in love with someone in a painting? no that’s weird
27. Have you ever fallen in love with someone in real life? yes
28. Did they love you back? yes
29. Has a painting ever fallen on you? no
30. Have you ever had your heart broken? yes
31. Do you kiss books? no
32. Do you kiss your dog? yes and my cats and ferret.
33. Do you pray? no
34. Do you meditate? no
35. Do you often find yourself thinking about things? all the time
36. How do you feel about sex without love? i’ve done it but i’m not really proud of that fact
37. What type of movie are they going to make your life story into? i’m not sure if i want it made into one
38. Who would play you? me
39. Will the movie have a deal with Taco Bell? no
40. Is the movie going to have any explicit nudity in it? tons
41. What period of the visual arts can you relate to the most? dont know
42. Whats the first section you go to in a bookstore? mythology
43. What do you consider your best talent to be? website design
44. What is one thing you have no talent in that you wish you did? singing
45. Favorite physical atribute about yourself? eyes
46. Least favorite? thighs
47. Whats the last movie you saw? Josie and the Pusseycats
48. Was it any good? it was cute
49. Was there any explicit nudity in it? no
50. Would it have been better if there had been? no
51. Are you passionate about anything? yes
52. What are your feelings on prostituion? i think its terrible
53. What is your political orientation? i dont know
54. What is your religious orientation? none at the moment
55. Do you enjoy rain? warm weather rain
56. Do you enjoy ciggarette smoke? i hate it, hate it, hate it
57. Are you a “people person”? no
58. Do you listen better or talk? listen
59. Do you think about what your going to say while other people are talking?
60. Do you really think this is a good thing?? no
61. List a few of your favorite words. sublimating, mystical
62. What month does your birthday fall in? November
63. Whats your favorite season? summer
64. Whats your favorite holiday? Halloween
65. List a few of your favorite smells. vanilla, mcdonalds, roses
66. Someone you enjoy being interupted by: no one
67. Someone who makes you laugh: my friends and boyfriend and animals
68. Someone who makes you think: my therapist
69. A movie you would recommend others see: Shrek!!!!!!
70. A book you would recommend others read: The Diary of Anne Frank
71. A band you just know nobody has ever heard of: n/a
72. Do you think people find you offensive? not most people
73. Do you worry about what others think of you? too much
74. Are you considerate of other peoples feelings? not as much as i should
75. How do you feel about abortion? i think people should have the right to choose
76. Kiss or hug? hug
77. Do you consider yourself a good kisser? with my jaw problems? no
78. Whats the best time youve had with another person? i dont know…i had fun in colorado
79. Whats the best time youve had alone? working on my websites
80. Are you happy to be alive? yes
81. Favorite flavor of ice cream? vanilla
82. Do you believe in God? yes
83. In Evil? no
84. In Heaven? yes
85. In Hell? i’m not sure
86. In public nudity? what’s there to believe in?
87. Do you have a favorite painting? no.
88. What place do you feel the most natural in? at my computer desk

89. What are you listening to right now? brad shaving
90. Do you like to dance? when i’m alone
91. Whats something that makes your cringe? screaming kids
92. What makes you giddy with excitement? ducks
93. Favorite cable channel? Discover Channel if we got it
94. Favorite snack to get at the movies? popcorn or nachos
95. Favorite place to go on a date? um i don’t go on dates anymore
96. Favorite place to go by yourself? my computer room
97. What do you spend money on? books and ducks
98. Do people tell you secrets? sometimes
99. Do you prefer shoes or to go barefoot? barefoot
100. Beach or mountains? beach!!!