i finally got iwantanewduck.com up. it is now complete, for the time being anyway. the guestbook looks kind of blah but i didn’t really feel like customizing it today.

i also gave my ferret a bath tonight. he’s never happy about baths, but he can be a smelly little guy. he was also sort of sticky. who knows what that’s from. he gets into everything.

tomorrow is another acupuncturist visit. as long as she stays away from my ears this time, it’s all good. i’m still not sure how much the treatments are helping but she is giving me more self-confidence and helping me be healthier in general. i’m drinking lots more water and less soda (and green tea…it’s so good), eating better (more fruits and less red meat), and am going to get off all that zombie medication. the only thing missing is exercise. but i’m working on that too.