Last night I had my first visit with my acupuncturist. It went very well. Before I was all tense and worried about my grandmother and afterwards I was very relaxed and calm. She says that my meridian that controls the creative side is very weak and that since I’m a very creative person it’s creating feelings of frustration and despair. That meridian also runs though the jaw and shoulder. Last night she did a cleansing. It involved about 20 needles in my back. I didn’t feel them go in for the most part, expect for two in my lower back. They pinched a little. Beforehand my left shoulder had felt very hot (it always does when it hurts) and afterwards it as nice and cool. I’m looking forward to my next visit on March 5. I think they will help a lot.
On a less positive side of things, my grandmother is not doing well at all. They don’t think she’s going to pull through and my mom said to prepare myself for the worst. But how do you prepare for something like that?