Today I got a letter in the mail from Krissy. She put duckie stickers in it! I was so excited. I’m writing this on the iMac. I hardly ever use this thing. Brad has the other computer over at a friend’s house. They’re playing games networked. My shoulder has been hurting worse today than it has been lately. I’m planning on just relaxing on the couch after I finish this. I’ll watch some tv and read. Ash the ferrret was so hyper when I let him out of his cage when I got home. He was bouncing all around and jumping at Spencer and I to play with him. I also feel like taking pictures of my ducks tonight. That sounds like a good idea. I don’t have any appointments with week. I’ve been going to my therapist every other week lately. But all I really talk about with her in the past weeks is my shoulder and the pain and the things with doctors and work involving it. I don’t talk much about anything more personal than that. I suppose I should, since that’s sort of the point of therapy. But at 9 in the morning I really don’t feel like talking about anything heavy, especially since I know I have to go into work afterwards.