middle of the week

so it’s wednesday. two more days until the weekend. now merck is telling me i might not get my vacation for the year since i didn’t work 1600 and i technically wasn’t out on disability. i tried to be out on it. but my stupid doctor put down that the cause was work related, and then workman’s comp wouldn’t cover it because they said i waited to long to report the accident (i didn’t even have one!). they say i was 15 hours short of 1600 hours. i think they’re wrong, but even if they’re right, it’s only 15 hours! just give me my vacation! i’m planning on leaving there as soon as i can. in march i can cash out some of the stock i got. so until then, if i can find another job that will give me medical benefits, i would work at merck only part-time and then quit in march. i applied at borders and i asked my aunt about going back to ben franklin’s. i haven’t heard anything from either. but my shoulder is just giving me too many problems to stay at merck.