Today hasn’t been the best.

Today hasn’t been the best. although it has helped me figure out something. It is definately the combination of painkillers (generic darvocet) and antidepressants (prozac). I didn’t take any pain killers this morning as I had the past 7 or so days. My shoulder wasn’t hurting that bad. So today my shoulder was okay but my mind wasn’t. I was back to how I had been before. Miserable. So when I got home I opened my bottle of wine, drank some, and took a painkiller (i know i shouldn’t do that but oh well). I only had a half of glass of wine since I had to drive to class (where i am now). Now I’m feeling better. The painkiller is a sedative, which calmed me down. I think I need to talk to my doctor about this. I’m not sure if it’s okay to be taking both the painkiller and the antidepressant. Especially if I’m not using the painkiller to stop pain. Maybe he needs to prescribe some sort of anti-anxiety pill. I know I need something. I can’t handle feeling like I did before.