Tomorrow I need to deposit

Tomorrow I need to deposit the two checks I got for my birthday and then go to the mall to shop for some new clothes. Then I get to go to class and then come home and pack for this weekend. Unfortunately, I also have to work 8 hours tomorrow, as usual. But on Friday I only have a half day since I’m leaving in the afternoon for Pittsburgh.
Today I’m feeling sick. Sore throat and stuffy nose and all that fun stuff. Wasn’t I just sick with this about a month ago? I really hope I’m better by Friday.
Last week we reformated the computer and hooked the DSL up. I’m loving the DSL. I don’t love having to put all my programs back on the computer and getting it set up to my liking again. I’ve already done that several times this year. It was necessary though. The sound wasn’t working, icons weren’t showing up, and several important .dlls were missing.
It seems like lately the only time I update this website is using blogger while at class. What am I going to do in the spring??? On the weekends I just don’t feel like working on it, not even to write a journal entry. I’m also not home a lot during the weekends lately. When I am, I’m usually catching up on my web-site browsing or not on the computer at all. I haven’t been great at replying to emails at all.
Someday, someday.