Java class again. My birthday

Java class again.
My birthday is coming up soon. November 12. I’ll be 21. I was born on the same day as Krissy.I got a great duck candle and keychain from her for my birthday. Thank you so much! They’re so cute.
November 17-19 I’ll be going to visit my friend Adrienne at Pitt. It’s about a two hour drive. I hope I don’t get lost. Her birthday is on the 17th. She’ll be 21. We’re going to have fun that weekend.
Then the weekend after that she’ll be home on Thanksgiving vacation. November 27th is Brad’s 20th birthday. Then on December 1st is his company Christmas party. This month is a busy one for me. But that’s for the best.
I went to the doctors today. I wanted to go back on Prozac. Starting out at 20 mg, but if I don’t improve that much by December, he’s going to up it to 30. I know I haven’t written in the journal lately, so none of you really know how I’ve been doing.
I haven’t been doing well.
I guess that’s why there was only 2 entries for the month of October. I didn’t feel like writing. Or doing much of anything else. I have been feeling really bad lately. Sadness, despair, anger; you know, all the usual.
But I’m hoping that will all change soon with the Prozac.