I redyed my hair red

I redyed my hair red again. It’s a slightly different shade this time. Just a little redder than before. The old color was fading out.
This Friday is Brad’s company Christmas party. Isn’t it a little early in the month for a Christmas party? I’m working a half day that day. I had a half of day vacation left that I decided to use up. The party starts at 7. I’m not sure yet what time I want to work. Either 10-2 or 11-3 probably.
I’m at my Java class. We’re reviewing for the final, although I’m not paying attention. My mind just keeps wandering. I wonder when the final is. My JavaScript one is on the 12th at 7:45. I never turned in one of the programs for this class. Oops.
Last night at the Olive Garden I had a glass of Beringer Founders’ Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a dry, full-bodied wine (a red one, if you didn’t know), as the menu said. I liked it. I know pretty much what I like with liquor (rum and vodka, hate whiskey), but I haven’t had much experience with wine. Sure, I’ve had some at family get togethers but I never really paid attention to what it was I was drinking. So I’d like to try to experience as many different kinds of wine as possible. I know I like Sutterhome White Zinfendel, since I’ve had that at family affairs (my family likes it a lot). As for beer, my favorite is Yuengling Lager. That’s what I drank during most of the summer after I graduated and ever since. I’ve had others, but I just prefer the taste of that best. There’s a lot that I haven’t tried though.
I’ve been feeling a little better mentally the past couple days. But my shoulder has been really bothering me again. It seems I exchange one kind of pain for another. I’m not sure if it’s the Prozac working, or a combination of the pain killers and the Prozac. The pain killers are pretty powerful controlled substances, not that they help with the pain all that much. I go back to the rehab doctor on December 18th. I was supposed to go back to the dentist sometime in December about my mouthpiece, but I really haven’t worn it much the past two months. It’s been making me gag. I really need to start wearing it again though.
Let’s hope my good mood lasts.