This hasn’t been a good year so far.

The week before last I ended up in the ER twice, once by ambulance. In the past two months I’ve had an MRI of my neck and brain and a CT of my brain. I’ve seen a neurologist due to symptoms normally related to MS. I missed a week of work plus several other days.

The cause of all this? Turned out to be a frayed tv cable line outside our house.

I’m not completely recovered. I still have some ringing in my ears and some hearing loss. When I was at the ENT the other week, they said that my hearing was that of a 70 year old. I think it has improved since then.

I’m not sure when it all started. I know things really went bad about three or four weeks ago, but things had been building up for at least a month before that. The frequencies or whatever they were coming from the cable were damaging my inner ear. Joe was fine, although he did say he felt a pressure increase in his ears.

I had terrible ringing in my ears. There was a low rumbly sound in my right ear and a terrible high pitched squeal in my left ear. I was losing my short term memory. At the worst, I was doing things and couldn’t remember having done them. I also couldn’t remember words and had trouble speaking and writing. It’s hard to describe how bad things were. There was also a number of other things going wrong with me.

I could hear other people’s radios and TVs, from other houses. I was picking up local radio stations. I thought I must have an ear infection, but the doctor(s) said my ears looked normal. All I could do for days was watch TV with the volume up very loud. I watched the entire series of Greek (for the first time) and loved it. It really helped get me through the days. So did my iPhone and some white noise apps. I found oscillating fan mixed with cat purring very soothing.

It took awhile to figure out about the cable, but once I did, we had the Comcast guy come out and he replaced all the cables.

It had also been stressful for several weeks at work. Several rush jobs and I had to work one weekend because one of the servers was hacked.

I guess the one good thing to come out of this is that I know my brain is normal. No tumors or lesions or anything. That’s always good to know. And it’s good to know that I don’t have MS and aren’t losing my mind, with the forgetting and the hearing radio stations.

  • That is insane!! I’m glad you’re ok, but I wish it hadn’t taken all of that chaos to discover.

    (Also, I just looked below and realized your previous entry begins “We are dropping our cable tv to basic,” which makes my conspiracy-driven mind wonder whether Comcast did this to you! Dun-Dun-DUN! 😉 )

    Crystal said on April 4, 2011 at 2:28 am
  • I can’t seem to get it together enough to comment regularly anymore — I gotta work on that… I miss you. remember all those oldschool website awards we all used to give each other? somebody just gave me one and I’m passing it along to you… :)

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