Disturbing Night

I had a bad night last night.

I went to sleep around 12ish. Around 12:50, I got up and told Joe there was a huge spider in the bed.

I’m still not entirely sure if there was actually a spider there or if I dreamed or hallucinated it.

The spider was laying on Joe’s side of the bed, near his pillow. It was big and black and furry. I seem to recall it being several inches long. Much bigger than any spider I had ever seen in my life, except ones in the pet store.

Joe searched all around the bed and shook out the covers several times. No spider.

I think it took me several hours to fall back asleep. I kept opening my eyes and looking in that same spot for the spider (which doesn’t really make sense…why would it be there again?).

I’d be more inclined to believe the spider wasn’t actually there, if it hadn’t been for an incident this past winter.

For two nights I thought I had seen a spider on the covers as I fell asleep, but couldn’t find the spider when I looked for it. A black, furry one, although much smaller than the one last night. I was horrified on the third night, when it happened again, and I FOUND A SPIDER ON THE COVERS. I had been sleeping with a spider for the past two nights! I had to chase it around a bit before I finally got it between a cup and a piece of paper and took it outside.

Since I started taking muscle relaxers at night, I’ve also had some odd hallucinations. One I remember the best was seeing one of our cats sitting on top of a mirror. The mirror is one that only has a thin metal frame and no place for a cat to sit. When I have these hallucinations, I have to look hard at something for about a minute until it resolves into what it actually is.

Last night as soon as my mind registered “Spider! Bed!” I was out of that bed and on my way out of the room without checking to make sure a spider was really there.

Later last night I had a dream where Joe found the spider in the bathroom and it was about 7 inches long. Then I woke up and unfortunately had to go to the bathroom.