Savella Update

I’ve decided to stop taking the Savella. It stopped helping several weeks ago. When I was at the rheumy’s last, he had said we could increase the dosage if needed. I called to see about that and then he said that there had been no additional benefit of taking it at higher dosages so he wouldn’t prescribe it.

When I first started it, dizziness had been one of the side effects I had. It went away, but it came back at the beginning of the month. My heart rate and blood pressure were also higher (and they were already high). I’m already on the max dosage of my blood pressure medication, so that wasn’t a good thing at all.

I haven’t really done a proper withdrawal, since I only had a week’s worth left and didn’t want to spend the money to get refilled. I started taking half pills Monday night and went to quarter pills last night. I’ll be out completely by Tuesday. So far, I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms and the dizziness is gone. It’s kind of strange…when I was still on the trial pack it seemed to be helping but when I started the month’s worth I had from the pharmacy, it’s almost like they were just placebo pills.