Food Allergy Results

Today I had skin testing done at the allergists for food allergies. I had to be off my antihistamine for a week. That was torture! I didn’t realize how much it actually helps my allergies. One day I sneezed the whole drive to work. I’ve had a miserable time the past week.

There were no big reactions, like there was during the other skin tests a year ago (cats and grass were some very large ones). But I did have reactions to oats, whole wheat, pork, and lamb. I wasn’t suprised by the first two but was by the meats. I’ve never eaten lamb (and never plan to). I don’t really like pork, although I eat bacon pretty regularly. I suppose turkey bacon is better for me anyway. The arm that had the oat and whole wheat got very itchy even though the bumps weren’t large at all.

I temporarily went off the gluten-free diet the past few days, but need to get back on it. I was happy to know that I am not allergic to corn, as that is what replaces wheat in a lot of food (and things like Fritos).