WordPress To-Do List Plugin

I didn’t write this plugin, only modified it to display correctly in WordPress 2.7+. I use it on most of my own WordPress-powered sites to keep track of things I want to do/need to fix on the site. Since the original is no longer available, I decided to post it here.

The plugin was originally from Abstract Dimensions (site no longer available) and I used the patch to display the list in the dashboard by WordPress by Example. They also have a modifed to-do list plugin that uses roles and has functions to display in the sidebar. I haven’t tried it since I don’t need those functions, but I’m assuming it also has some display issues in 2.7+.

Place the file admin_todo.php in the plugins directory (not in a subdirectory, as that may cause problems). It will display a widget on the dashboard and as a menu item under Tools.

** Updated 01/03/2010 with a few minor cosmetic changes **

** Updated 01/24/2010: I have moved the plugin to a new location and made some more changes **

Visit the new page to download the To-Do List Plugin