I Didn’t Expect to Care This Much

I’ve just been devastated since Mr. Kitty died yesterday. I cried most of yesterday. Today I’ve been teary off and on, and feel very sad still. I only had him a week and a half. I guess that’s part of it. I hardly got to know him. And yet I knew him a lot by the hours I spent in there reading. There’s also the fact that I saved him, but it wasn’t enough. I’m very glad I did find him and take him in. It just hurts so much though.

I still don’t know why he was just sitting by the side of the road and can’t help wondering how he ended up there. Two people did contact me about my ad, but the cats they were looking for were not him. It’s all just so sad.

  • It is sad, so I don’t blame you for being upset :(. He had a great rest of his life with you, though; you gave him the best life he could have asked for :).

  • I’d be really upset and sad too. :( *big hugs*

    I wonder about people who dump their animals like that. Sirius was a stray too, but he’d been neutered, was housebroken, and looked well cared for. how could they just give up a sweet, intelligent, well-behaved dog like that? how could they leave a poor old cat alone on the side of the road?

    I’m glad Mr Kitty spent his last days with you :)

  • ((hugs tight)) Its sad, and its okay to be upset.. thinking of you!

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