Selfish Drivers

Sometimes the selfishness of other people just baffles me.

On my way home tonight, one intersection has two left turn lanes, a straight lane, and a right turn lane. There was a car in the left turn lane that was closest to the right. They put their right turn signal on after a little while of sitting there (they were slightly ahead of me). The left turn arrow came on, and they just pulled up to the intersection and sat there because the main light was still red. There was a line of cars behind them.

The other going straight drivers didn’t leave them in, but I did. I had assumed they would be going straight. But no, they turned right. Now, if there had been other people already turning right, they would have not only blocked the other left-turners from their turn, but would have blocked me and the rest of the the going-straighters from our turn! And it’s not like there are not plenty of places they would have turned around in to go the opposite way (even if they were not familiar with the area, they could see there were plenty of businesses down the road that would have to have driveways).

So instead of going out of their way for two minutes, they decided to inconvenience numerous other drivers. Bah.