I don’t think I really like Twitter. I only check it a few times a week and don’t look forward to doing so. It’s just…confusing…and not very interesting. I love knowing what my friends are doing/thinking. I even love “Things I Did Today” type weblog/journal entries. But one at a time, mixed in with a whole bunch of other people…not so nice.

I could just not check it, but sometimes people post important or interesting things and I don’t want to miss them.

  • have you looked at it’s along the same lines as twitter, but instead of it being one long line of status updates from all kinds of people, there are little “conversations” where you can reply to one update in particular… one thing about twitter that bugs me is that the @name function replies to the last post from that person, not necessarily the one you are actually replying to! however, plurk breaks my brain and I can’t figure out why. very weird :)

    I use twitter a lot because my sister and Tim are on it.

  • I just have certain people (including you) on the txt update, so I mostly read those and skim the others later. =)

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