Last Day of November

And I’ve written every day. Some of my most boring entries ever, but I wrote every day at least.

Today is a rainy, blah day. I just got out of bed an hour ago. I think that I will spend the day cross-stitching, with maybe a little fishing in WoW thrown in. I may or may not level Calandria (73 now) or my new mage, Dreamsky.

We ordered pizza from Pizza Hut for lunch/dinner. Yum!

  • Congratulations on posting every day. It’s difficult to be inspired enough sometimes. I know I struggle anyway, although I’m much better at regularly posting than I ever used to be.

  • I really fell off the commenting wagon — so sorry about that! I love reading your posts, even if they are little things :) also I love this layout, it’s good to see it again!

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