Yesterday I started watching my Felicity DVDs again. I don’t own all that many TV shows on DVD. Buffy, Survivor Season 2 and Survivor All-Stars (I like Amber), the first 6 seasons of Full House, the first 2 seasons of Veronica Mars, Dinosaurs, 3 seasons of Boy Meets World, and the first season of Clarissa Explains It All. And Joe got the Stargate SG1 series, which I watched too.

I was so upset when I found out that they weren’t releasing the rest of the Boy Meets World or Clarissa DVDs. Just now I checked on their status and it seems that a new distributer has acquired Boy Meets World but no good news on Clarissa. I think it’s awful that they would release part of a series and then just stop. That’s just silly, when a lot of people wait until they’re all released and buy the whole set, since it’s usually part of a some special edition/packaging.

I’ve borrowed the Sweet Valley High series and Saved by the Bell series from Netflix in the past. I have Sabrina the Teenaged Witch coming up soon in my queue as well as Stargate Atlantis.