Cardiologist Frustration

Today I heard back from the cardiologist again (really…3 days for a “high priority” message?). Her nurse called me and said that the doctor wanted me to take double the dose of clonidine I had been taking before. I mentioned that it had made my blood pressure higher the last time and the nurse said that the message the doctor had read had mentioned that. I was confused and surprised so I didn’t say much else.

I also didn’t think to ask if she wanted me to start gradually, like I had when I first when on the pill (half a pill for a week). If I did that, the date of my appointment would be here before I even started the doubled dose. I already know that the original dose increased my blood pressure. But I don’t think starting at that dose would be good either.

I don’t understand her logic in increasing the dosage. I’m seriously considering switching cardiologists after this whole fiasco. I guess I’ll go to my appointment Dec. 4 though before deciding. But I’m not going to be taking the clonidine. I did not like that drug. It made me feel “drugged” and physically and mentally sluggish and was affecting my job performance. I didn’t mention that to the people who took the messages though because I thought “it increased my blood pressure instead of lowering it” was enough of a reason to switch to a different drug. Apparently not.