Almost Forgot to Post Today

I told the nurse at my allergy shot today that the Symbicort wasn’t really working so she told me to go back on the Advair till my appointment (Dec. 8). She also said that after my next shot, I’ll be getting them every two weeks instead of every week.

This is good news, especially since we’re heading into winter and bad weather. It snowed a couple inches today.

The bad news is that now we have a $250 yearly deductible for our health insurance, starting Dec. 1. My shots are $35 or so each and I also have blood work done pretty often so I’ll be having to pay it fairly soon. The specialist office visit co-pay has also increased from $15 to $30. Considering I see about 4 different specials several times a year, this is depressing. I guess I’m fortunate to just have health insurance though.