Still Sick

I’m still sick. Not as sick as I was. The steroids helped A LOT. I could breathe again. I felt better than I had in a few years actually. I could walk up the stairs at work without feeling like I was going to collapse and without being completely out of breath by the top. My knees didn’t hurt. My brain fog went away. I could think. I had energy. I got things done. I cooked. I even cleaned. It’s too bad I can’t be on them all the time.

Then two days afterwards (this is also the time the antibiotic wore off (supposed to be take for 5 days lasts for 10 days or something?) I felt sick again. Like I had when I thought it was just a cold, before the bronchitis coughing and wheezing started. I had my follow-up checkup on the second day of this. He did some blood work and gave me a different antibiotic. It doesn’t really seem to be having an effect. The doctor called yesterday and said that the blood work showed an elevated white blood cell count and high CRP which means I have a bacterial infection. To come back in two weeks for a checkup and if I’m still not better they’ll repeat the bloodwork and try a different antibiotic.

I also go back to the cardiologist for a checkup Friday and to the allergist for one Monday. It would be nice to go a month without having a see a doctor.

I never wrote about the Effexor either. My rheumy prescribed it in May for my fibromyalgia. I took it one night and that was it. I didn’t sleep, was shaking and very nauseous and had a terrible headache. I saw him again in August and he said to try taking half of the dosage. I haven’t done this yet, partly because I’ve been sick ever since and party because I’m just not sure I want to be on it. I’ve heard about people getting really sick if they forget a dose and things like that plus that it has horrible withdrawal.

  • *hugs*
    I think you’re wise to avoid Effexor.

    Have you ever tried Trazodone? It helps me sleep more deeply, helping my fibro a ton.


  • @crystalina I think I did try that, but I’ve been on so much stuff in the past few years I’m really not sure what all I’ve been on. I’ll have to check my health insurance pharmacy claims to see what all I’ve been on since I got the insurance in 2005. I’m glad to hear it’s working for you.

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