Thanksgiving Day

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I went to bed around 2:30 (even took an Ambien), but like most nights I had difficult breathing and started coughing and couldn’t stop. Even my prescription cough medicine didn’t help like usual. I was up till 5:30, unable to stop coughing. I guess I have to go back to the family doctor about it.

We played the board game Kids Battle the Grownups (or something like that). It’s a mostly trivia game, but some of the cards have one person on the team write down their answer and the other members of the team have to guess it. One time, the question was “Who was your favorite teacher”. Joe had to write it down and I had to guess. My mom and nephew were saying things like “wow, that’s really hard!” and were shocked when I guessed it right away. Joe was homeschooled by his mom. It was much more funny in person, I guess.