I’m going to ask the cardiologist about going on Mestinon. I found an article saying that Mestinon helped lower tachycardia in people with POTS.

The only problem? The cardiologist doesn’t think I have POTS. Aside from the whole her saying I have an anxiety disorder thing, she said that my heart rate didn’t really go up when I stood and my blood pressure didn’t drop. But your blood pressure does not have to drop for you to have POTS. It says so right in that article, which I’m going to print out. And of course my heart rate didn’t go up when I went from sitting to standing. Sitting is also being upright. She had me lay down also and then stand, but only for like 2 minutes. I have to be laying down awhile for it to go down. And it does go down. When I’m laying down, my heart rate is from 60-80. When I’m upright, it’s in the hundreds. But she didn’t listen to me last time when I told her that.

I want off this beta blocker and on something else. The beta blocker is starting to make me depressed. I don’t tolerate beta blockers and they don’t really help. They make my heart rate go down some, but not enough. I have this bad feeling she’s going to say something about how I’m probably just depressed anyway, it’s not the beta blocker.

If she won’t prescribe Mestinon, I’ll just make an appointment with my familiy doctor and get him to prescribe it.