Joe and I were talking the other day about how so many myspace profiles are now private (you have to be listed as a friend to view it). A year ago when I would search for my high school graduation year, almost none of my classmate’s profiles were private. Now, 75% are. This kind of sucks when you want to know what these people are up to now in their lives but you don’t want them to know you want to know.

So much of what people used to have viewable to the public is now private. Weblogs, photos, profiles, whatever. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that…I have content online that isn’t viewable to the public. I’m just noticing that so much more so seems to be private. I understand all the reasons but it can make it harder to get to know new people online, I think.

  • I was just thinking about this lately. my myspace profile is set to private — not sure why, I just feel more comfortable when I don’t have lots of information out for anybody to see — and someone contacted me last week asking “is your middle name X? if it is I think I know you” — it was a friend from when I was 15 on IRC! he was wondering what I’d been up to and searched for all the Kristals in Colorado, hoping that I hadn’t moved. how lucky! since then I found a few other friends (whose profiles were public of course). it makes me wonder if I should just set my myspace page to public again. I never use it anyway so there’s nothing hugely personal there.

  • I know, I’ve come across that, too. My profile was public and then I had a wacko who wouldn’t leave me alone, so I had to change mine to private.

  • Krissy, that’s so neat that he found you!

    Leah, it’s sad that people like that sometimes force us to make things private. I’ve been fortunate so far… *crosses fingers*

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