My (not-quite) Broken Heart

Today I had an appointment at my family doctor. It was a one-month checkup from the last time I was there, although I did have two new issues to mention to him. One was a small, non-itchy rash on the front of my shoulder. He has no idea what that is from but said it didn’t look like shingles or anything (which is good). The other thing was these violent coughing fits I’ve been having the past few days that end in me wheezing and tasting blood. He gave me some cough medicine with codeine for that.

While I was there he asked about the cardiologist. I told him that since they hadn’t called about my test results, as they said they would if they were abnormal, I assumed they were normal and cancelled my follow-up visit since they said there wasn’t anything they could do for me if they were normal. He said, well, it wasn’t completely normal. I wasn’t actually that surprised…they had done the same with my Holter monitor results two years ago. Meaning that during the time I was wearing it, my heart rate was not normal, but it wasn’t abnormal enough so they never called me about it. So, anyway, he told me that the results said my ejection fraction was 45% and some part of my heart was hyperkinetic (I forget exactly what he said about that).

An ejection fraction between 40 and 50 percent may indicate damage to the heart muscle (e.g., from a prior heart attack). Typically, this EF level alone is not low enough to lead to heart failure.

So once again I’m abnormal but not abnormal enough for the cardiologist.

He wants me to call them and ask them about it so I’ll do that tomorrow. If I should reschedule my appointment and all that. Really though I have no desire to go back there (there’s other places I could go but I don’t really feel like going anywhere about it at the moment…at least not until I see how the gastro appointment turns out). I’m not happy with them and with their letter to my rheumatologist. I’ll be even less happier if I do go back and they say something about my weight. I’m sure I’d have something to say then about how my weight was fine until they “diagnosed” me with an anxiety disorder and my family doctor put me on Zoloft to help with that. That was when this weight gain really started…I realized that the other week. I’m off the Zoloft now but too bad the Lyrica also causes weight gain.