Just Waiting

I went back to my family doctor the other week. He gave me some Ativan (to help me fall asleep) and some anti-nausea pills (that sorta help). He also referred me to a gastroenterologist. My first appointment with them is towards the end of the month so I have a few weeks to wait yet. I go back to the family doctor two days before so I’m going to get paper copies of my most recent lab tests so I can be sure the gastro has them.

My Lyrica was finally approved (I know…*gasp*). I’m not as excited as I should be I guess, since I haven’t been feeling well in a different way (the nausea and a lot of headaches). I’ve also been feeling really depressed…guess I do need the antidepressants after all. Family doctor still wouldn’t prescribe any last time due to the high liver enyzmes. I probably shouldn’t be taking the Lyrica actually right now because of that…but I am.

I’ve been having a very hard time falling asleep lately. Once I’m asleep though I don’t wake up easily at all. My mind is so fuzzy and I’m so dizzy all day that I feel like I never actually wake up at all. I’m sure this is related to the Lyrica and Ativan. Maybe I should stop taking the Ativan since it doesn’t seem to be helping me fall asleep anyway. It was worth a shot…it was what they had given me in the hospital to help me sleep.

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