I feel so sick

I’ve been feeling so miserable for this past week or more.

I’m so sick to my stomach all the time. My muscle pain is much worse and I currently have stabbing pains in my upper left arm and right wrist and can’t really turn my neck because of the pain there. Plus there’s the lower right back pain. I still can’t breath easily while laying down, but when I’m upright the nausea is worse. It’s a struggle to find that exact angle where I both breath and feel less nauseaous. My brain feels more mushy than ususal plus I’ve had a constant headache.

So to summarize my summary: I can’t use my left arm or move my right wrist, I can’t turn my head or bend my body at the waist. I can’t lay down and I can’t sit up and I can’t sleep.

The cardiologist appointment last week was a waste. He more than implied that he thought my family doctor should not have send me back to them. He’s sending me for an echocardiogram and I have to do another 24-hour urine test (ugh how I hate those things) but said that he doesn’t expect them to show anything. He also prescribed me betablockers again but I haven’t gotten them filled yet. I think I’m going to wait till I have my rheumatologist checkup this Friday.

Last time at the rheumy he said he was going to be running some more blood tests, although I’m not sure what for. My family doctor ran some other other week and I’ve requested to have them faxed over. They were some thyroid tests (normal) and liver enzymes. The nurse said the liver enzymes were high. It’s not surprising. I forget if they’ve been high constantly since I was really sick in ’05 or if they’ve gone up and down since I know they’ve been high other times. I was looking around for possible causes and I’m going to see if they ever tested me for hepatitis (viral or autoimmune), celiac disease, or iron/copper processing/storage diseases.

  • Oh man, that sucks :(. I’m sorry you feel so crappy! I really hope that someone can figure out what’s going on so you don’t have to feel so bad anymore. I’m thinking about you.

  • this whole situation is making me so mad. the medical system needs serious reform and this is exactly why. I wish you felt better :(

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