More Evidence!

I have more evidence to support my theory!

Mom used to be able to do backbends and put her legs behind her head. She’s had problems with her joints (hence the knee replacement). And some other things that have slipped my mind in the five minutes since I spoke with her.

Doctor is on vacation till tomorrow. I’m almost out of blood pressure pills (they canceled my last followup appointment due to snow and I put off making one till I saw the endo) so they’re going to try and get me in sooner than the next available appointment (the 19th).

I think I really may have the answer this time. The only downside is there’s no cure for EDS or POTS.

  • I never thought of EDS with you, but it makes sense now!! There are a lot of people on the message boards at with a lot of info about EDS. Those are some great, helpful boards if you are interested.

    I’m SO happy that you may have a plan for a diagnosis. There’s no cure, but hopefully, if you know what is causing your trouble, you can better manage it!


    crystal said on March 6, 2007 at 3:26 pm

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