I did it

I went tonight and got my hair cut. It’s now a little above my shoulder. The hairdresser asked why the drastic change. I was just like…”medical reasons”. I didnt know what else to say. I was all flustered anyway because a girl who worked at that store I got fired from two years was there watching her friend get her hair cut.

I like the cut, it’s cute. I never like how any hairdresser styles my hair though…too much blowdrying!

I’m going to be dying it “intense copper red” tomorrow. One good thing about having shorter hair? Only having to buy one package of hair dye.

As I said to Joe tonight…I don’t regret cutting, I just regret *why* I had to cut it.

It looks a lot healthier though. Not all the damage was illness-related…the hair near the bottom had been dyed many many times over the past few years.

It’s always so strange trying to get adjusted to shorter hair when you go to run your hand through it or to brush it.

  • Sweeeet!! I love red hair. ^^ Glad you like how it looks now too ^^. I think I will have to dye mine red again soon too – bad hair dye lying to me! It wasn’t permanent at all! Its crafty crafty stuff that.

    But yes! Good deal! =D

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