The results

Well, the results were all normal. I wasn’t too suprised, as none of them really tested for Cushing’s (which is really what I feel I have now). Thankfully, the doctor ordered more tests, as he said he would. So I have to go for a CT of my abdomen (waiting for them to call me and tell me when the appt. is) and more blood tests. We actually went over to the doctor’s today for the blood tests, but they told me when I got there that they had to be done at 8 AM in the morning for one of them. Would have been nice to know that ahead of time instead of them telling me to come in whenever! So now I have to get up way early tomorrow (I usually don’t get up till 11) and go. I also told them I wanted to do a 24-urine cortisol test and they said they’d give me the collection container tomorrow when I came in.

So that’s the latest news health-wise. I also called the bank today. The NSF fee was because the Bill Pay thing paid my CC *twice*, also causing an additional NSF fee. So they refunded the two NSF fees, but can’t refund the second CC payment. They said I could call the CC company and see about having them do it, but I don’t think I’ll bother. It’s not like I don’t owe the CC more than the extra $80 anyway. With regards to the overdraft protection, it comes from the savings account, and I guess since it was attempting to take out $80 from it, which is more than we have in there at the moment (we just opened a joint account together and are still getting money set up in it), that made it charge the fee.

  • I’m glad you got the bank stuff straightened out – ugh. I’m sorry the tests didn’t come back with any useful information, but I hope the next ones do. *hugs*

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