I don’t think a week has gone by since last October where either Joe or I hasn’t said “I want to go back to Jamaica”.

Granted, Jamaica was not perfect. There was bugs, and some rain, and the humidity had a nasty habit of making books all warpy. But when they say there’s “No Worries, Mon”; it’s true.

The best part was not having to worry about money for a single minute while we were there. We didn’t have to pay for any meals or drinks and we could eat as often as we wanted. There was excursions included, like the glass bottom boat tour.

Our days were filled with food, relaxing in the ocean on rafts they provided, laying in the sun, reading, playing our Game Boy Advances, watching TV, and more food.

Just getting away from all the daily hassles of life was so wonderful.

  • Mike and I keep saying that we want to go back on a cruise. I think it’s the same thing you and Joe miss; getting away, not having to worry about money, just sitting and relaxing and doing whatever.

  • I’d love to go back on a cruise too.

    (I’ll write back to your email as soon as I can; I’ve had a hectic week at work!)

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