Agave Nectar

Does anyone who reads this use Agave Nectar as a sweetener? We just bought some at the grocery store today and we put it in some iced tea we made. I love the taste of it.

It has a low glycemic index, which is great, since I really need to start watching what I eat due to my hypoglycemia (which I don’t want to develop into diabetes, like my dad). I can’t drink artifical sweeteners anymore. I never liked the taste of aspertame, so never drank anything with that in it. For a little while I used Splenda, but in the past year or so I get nauseous after drinking anything with it in it.

I’ve been drinking too much soda lately (mainly Coke). I also drink soy milk and gatorade (both help with the POTS somewhat), plus orange joice or limeaid mixed with seltzer. And water too, but more at work than at home.

So far, I’m liking the agave nectar.

  • I’ve never used it before, but now you’ve gotten me curious!

    As you know, I’ve also been drinking a lot of soda. I want to start drinking a lot more water because I feel better in general when I’m more hydrated. We can stop drinking soda together! :)

    I miss you; I was thinking about you tonight. We should meet up again sometime soon :).

  • I’ve used it before and I liked it. I put it in my tea :) now I generally take my tea straight – I’m drinking green teas instead of black, so it doesn’t need the extra sweetness.

  • how much does it cost?
    I’m always interested in alternative sweeteners.

    if you’re trying to drink more water, try keeping a full glass with you all the time. at your desk, in front of the television, anywhere. you’d be surprised how much of it you drink.

  • I believe it was around $5 for the 12-oz. bottle.

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